Your customised, healthy way to enhanced quality of life, functional strength and improved motor control.

Welcome at my new training studio!

To provide you with an even better training experience, I opened my own training studio. Aside from everythin needed for a healthy strength training, it sports a bouldering wall come December 2020. Thus movement training is now featured in full 3D.

Trainer Robert

Efficient, effective training has to be one thing above all else: customized.

I tailor well proven methods of training and latest knowledge of sports medicine specifically to your needs.
Thus you will make measurable and noticeable progress while strengthening your health along the way.

sports cv
  • Fitness Trainer A December 2017
  • Personal Trainer December 2017
  • Medical Fitness Trainer November 2017
  • Fitness Trainer B Octobre 2017
  • Movement Training since 2016
  • Body Weight Strength Training since 2016
  • Bouldering + Route Setting since 2012
  • RMA Systema 3 years
  • Eskrima – stick fighting 1 year
  • Wing Tsun Kung Fu 2 years
  • Shotokan Karate 5 years
  • Competition Judo 5 years
  • Gymnastics 2 years
  • Pricing

    A training session lasts 60 minutes. Shorter or longer sessions can be arranged individually.

    • Test Training

      Try it out

      Trust and sympathy are key factors for successful personal training. A test session (after a brief dialogue about your goals) is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other and see if we're a fit.

      Or maybe you don't even know if you want to engage in personal training and want to see what the benefits are with a general test training session.

    • Single Session

      full felxibility / personalized workout

      The single session provides the possibility to do a few sessions without a big commitment.

      Other options would be to create a personal workout plan to follow along on your own or reviewing the training progress and adapting an existing plan.

      Before jumping into the first workout (no matter if single session or package deal), we'll talk about your goals and life situation so I can ensure to tailor the training exactly to your needs.
      The requirement dialogue is included in the single session and the package deals.

    • 5 sessions

      including preparation dialogue

      110€ per session
    • 10 sessions

      including preparation dialogue

      100€ per session
    • 20 sessions

      including preparation dialogue

      90€ per session
    • Extra Time

      extend your booked session by 30 minutes

      60€ per session

      You need a more intense strength training? Adding a longer mobility part sounds good? If you want to address more topics or train more intensely in a specific direction, you can extend an already booked session.

      Please make clear you need extra time when setting the appointment, so I can modify the session accordingly. It can also be booked reoccuring for a package.

    • Online Workout Plan

      …for body weight strength training

      You don't mind training on your own and know exactly what you want to achieve, but you lack the idea of how to traing strength and muscle building effectively? Then all you need is a good workout plan.

      After syncing with each other online, I'll set up a workout plan, that can be done with simple equipment at home. A pull up bar and rings are benefitial for your performance but not necessarily required.


    Convinced I can help you with your training?
    Just call me or send an e-mail and we'll make an appointment.

    Ready Set Move Personal Training
    Robert Pazurek
    +49 176 / 21964450
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