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Reach your goals & push your limits

Nice to meet you!

In a relaxed atmosphere, I'll work with you on your personal training goals. To reach them I use the latest insights and proven methods.

That way, no matter where you currently stand in your fitness life, you'll make visible and sustainable gains and improve your life quality. For you, I'll evaluate what currently keeps you from exploiting your full potential, and together we'll push your limits!

Your Trainer

Professional career

Training studio owner

since 2020

Personal Trainer

since 2017

Fitness Instructor A

since 2017

Medical Fitness Instructor

since 2017

Fitness Instructor B

since 2017

Fascial Fitness Trainer

since 2020

Stress Relaxation Instruktor for Kids

since 2020


Body Weight Strength Training

since 2016

Movement Training

since 2016

Bouldering & Route Setting

since 2012

RMA Systema

3 years

Escrima – stick fighting

1 year

Wing Tsun Kung Fu

2 years

Shotokan Karate

5 years

Competition Judo

5 years


2 years

Let's start

Pricing & Products

from 80 / session

Personal Training

customized for you


from 45 / session

Power Workout

strength in only 30 minutes


40 once

Introduction Workout

Try it first


40 / session

Extra Time

extend your booked session by 30 minutes



Online Workout Plan

for body weight strength training


price by arrangement

Company Offer

workshops and special pricing


Personal Fitness Training

We all have different goals and start at varying points walking towards them.

Want to lose weight or get rid of that pesky back pain?

Want to improve your posture or rather your blood pressure?

Just want to get fit and feel good or increase your performance in a concrete type of sport?

Or do you need specific rehab training after an injury or sickness?

Whether your focus lies on strength, motor control, or mobility…

Whether you are looking for a way to escape your stressful day-to-day life or simply don't know what exactly could help you in your specific situation…

Efficient, effective training has to be one thing above all else: custom-tailored to YOUR needs.

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